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Weatherman Racing
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Weatherman Racing

When I started racing at the age of 16, I thought that a career in Indy car racing was just a couple of seasons away. I soon found out about the hard work and dedication it takes to be competitive. Not to mention the amount of time it takes, both on and off the track, to be successful in this highly competitive business. I have struggled with less than competitive equipment since I started racing back in 1998 and because of it I had to learn how to use my driving abilities to be competitive with an inferior kart. Because of that struggle, I learned how to drive smooth while also at the limit, which would later prove to be a great asset to my career. After capturing a track record for my class in 1999, I knew that I had to move up to the next level. The problem that lied ahead was figuring out what that next level was.
For the 2000 racing season, Weatherman Racing made the move to 80cc Shifter Karts. While we had struggled our share in our past racing efforts, nothing in the past could compare to the struggle that we would endure throughout the 2000 racing season. The 2000 season would prove to be my toughest year yet while also being the most rewarding. Transitioning from a five horsepower Briggs kart to an 80cc Shifter Kart is no easy task. Most racers who attempt such a leap generally find themselves at the back of the pack, at least for the first half of the season. It is with great pride that I can say that this was not the position I found myself in. From the beginning of the season I was competitive with the front-runners of our class and when the season was over, it was my best season yet. With the conclusion of the 2000 season, we sold all of our equipment and purchased all new equipment in preparation of the upcoming season. At that point we knew that the following season would be yet again be our best to date.
Over the four years that I have been racing, I have been very fortunate to have strong support in my decision to race. My father has been by my side from the start and has supported my decision in any way that he can. Aside from the support my family has given me, I have been very fortunate to have the expertise of Bob Perona to help me. Bob is currently a rising star in the Toyota Atlantic race series and has helped me tremendously in many areas. He has taught me what it takes to succeed in this business and how to present myself on and off the track. Over the years I have learned that racing is a challenge that cannot be accepted alone. It takes a number of people to succeed in this rapidly growing business. I am looking forward to the 2002 racing season with great enthusiasm. Every year in the past has proven to be more successful then the previous and I am poised for a championship caliber season in 2002.

Mike Weatherman